Djøf - a trade union that safeguards your interests

You can join Djøf as an employee, a jobseeker, or a student. Your membership determines which of our many benefits you have access to.

As a foreign international I find it essential to have a trade union membership and be able to rely on assistance when it comes to your rights in a foreign country.
Antoniya Pehoeva

As a foreigner I wanted to expand my network and learn about the Danish labor market. For me Djøf is a valuable place for advice and courses.
Katarzyna Ewa Hansen

Djøf is the best partner a foreign lawyer in Denmark can have in terms of career coaching, job searching and legal advice about employment issues.
José Ramón Ragolta

Join Djøf

It pays to be a member of a strong trade union. As a member of Djøf, you get a wide range of professional and personal benefits as well as being part of a strong network of 97,000 members.

You get access to legal counselling regarding employment contracts, advice about pay and career coaching. We also offer a mentor programme and professional events. 

For students

A student membership gives you access to affordable insurance, a favourable bank agreement and free study courses. You will be also part of a strong trade union that serves 97,000 of the brightest minds, including 22,000 students. This means quality, regardless of whether you use Djøf for study courses, cv and career counselling, to review your employment contract or salary benchmarking. You also get student discounts on books, events at places of study throughout Denmark and the opportunity to participate in case competitions.

Through Djøf, you can learn about your job market and how to sharpen your competences as a new graduate. We provide tips for finding advertised positions, and good advice on searching for a job in Denmark and abroad.

Become a member of Djøf – just DKK 49 a month

For startups and self-employed

As a member of Djøf, you have access to legal experts, business developers and experienced business people who can guide you in relation to your business. You also have access to attractive discounts and professional networks of like-minded, ambitious self-employed persons. You'll also gain access to our Business Community, which consists of many different and interesting profiles. 

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Contact Djøf regarding your new contract, career advice, membership or other questions.

About Djøf

Djøf is a trade union, a professional organisation representing our members. Read about what we do, and how the Danish labour market works.

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Become acquainted with work life in Denmark, including contracts, salary negotiations, dismissals and resignations, the social ground rules and much more. And find the benefits of your membership.