Startup Ideation Workshop - Aarhus

Create new startup-ideas

IDEATION, FOOD and PRIZES! Join a workshop where you turn knowledge into ideas! Through exercising and gamification we will push your creativity to the limit. The workshop covers basic theories of innovation before we let the creativity flow.

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  1. Research - Learn to search for ideas through analysis of problems and thinking out of box.
  2. Synthesis - Tools to search for opportunities (mapping the problem and user).
  3. Conceptualization - We narrow down and fine-tune the concept.
  4. Prototyping - Fast track prototyping and hands-on development of mock-ups.

We will provide food and drinks. There’s also a chance to win gift cards for MORE food! We know what it’s like to be a student.

Creativity is a hot topic these days but neuroscientists have only made new discoveries in the last 10 years on how to really activate the creative centers. You will learn how to set the mind for creative tasks by activating REST state in the brain for optimal output. These tools and techniques are fun and easy to apply.

Our 4-step process allows the participants to identify problem, detect customer needs and develop potential solution.

Pris, tid og sted

  • Studerende
  • Ikke-medlemmer
  • Tirsdag den 10. april 2018
    Klokken 17.00-19.00
  • Djøf Aarhus
    Frederiksgade 74, F, 8000 Aarhus C

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Anne Schack Simonsen
Event coordinator
Phone.: 36 91 91 45