Djøf in English

You can join Djøf as an employee, a jobseeker, or a student. Your membership determines which of our many benefits you have access to.



Your membership entitles you to:

  • Networking for jobseekers
  • Specific feedback on your application and cv
  • Career coaching
  • Contract reviews – sparring on salary. Access to various discounts, e.g. banking, insurance etc.


Your membership entitles you to:

  • Career coaching. Advice and legal guidance on contracts, salary, holiday, maternity and paternity leave, bonus schemes, competition clauses etc.
  • Mentors
  • Access to various discounts, e.g. banking, insurance etc.


With Djøf membership, you benefit from:

  • Personal guidance including: contract reviews for student jobs and salary sparring
  • Feedback on your cv and applications 
  • Access to various discounts, e.g. banking, insurance etc.

As a foreign international I find it essential to have a union membership and be able to rely on assistance when it comes to your rights in a foreign country.
Antoniya Pehoeva

As a foreigner i wanted to expand my network and learn about the Danish labor market. For me Djøf is a valuable place for advice and courses.
Katarzyna Ewa Hansen

Djøf is the best partner a foreign lawyer in Denmark can have in terms of career coaching, job searching and legal advice about employment issues.
José Ramón Ragolta

Cv, applications and the job market

A good cv contains:

  • Your professional profile at the top of the cv
  • A professional picture
  • Relevant work experience and education
  • Relevant courses and further education programs
  • Positions of trust and voluntary work
  • Language and IT skills

Good advice on applications

  • Analyze the job ad
  • The application must be future-oriented (unlike your cv)
  • Make sure your application sounds motivated and is targeted towards the prospective employer
  • Avoid overly academic language
  • Keep track of your attachments and attach all documents in a single file

The job market

  • Wage subsidies and Knowledge pilot schemes often lead to permanent jobs
  • Part-time positions give you skills and can create new job openings
  • Apply for a wide range of jobs – both in terms of geography and tasks
  • Remain open to jobs and sectors that may not have featured in the first draft of your career plan

About Djøf

As a foreign national in Denmark, it pays to be a member of a strong association. Djøf represents approx. 92,000 academics working at all levels of the private and public sectors. You are welcome too.

Joining Djøf

Your Djøf dues are charged once a quarter, though the first amount can be charged in mid-quarter. The price of your membership depends on whether you are a student or work in the public or private sectors.

Make your student life easier

Read about how you optimize your student LinkedIn profile (pdf)