Workshop on how to make each other shine

Have you ever longed for stronger, more genuine connections in your network?

What is the event about?

This evening is about making it more transparent how each one of us in PWN and Djøf has access to various valuable resources, when it comes to supporting each other in a more profound way. Through our mindset, gifts & skills, caring, relations, experiences, sources of information, etc. 

We are all part of many different kinds of relations on a daily level. Yet often many of them are not the kind of relations where we dare to be vulnerable and share current challenges or problems in our personal or professional lives. It takes courage to admit that your life is not picture-perfect, that there are things in your life that you don't know how to handle, that there are situations that drain you.... 

Our PWN and Djøf networks not only offer an international network where you have the great opportunity of meeting interesting women and men of different nationalities and with a broad variety of professional backgrounds. PWN and Djøf are also valuable places to really connect with amazing and resourceful people that are your partners in believing in making each other better.

Through an interactive setting you’ll discover:

  • How we can inspire strength in each other
  • How we can create a place that welcomes both vulnerability and strength as super powers.
  • How we can support each other in daring to BE who we truly are.
  • How we can discover potential solutions together. 

You’ll leave with awareness of new resources you had no idea was available to you. And you’ll most likely experience a stronger sense of community.

What better chance and place to make each other shine!

About the speaker

Alice Lerche Agerbæk

"Through my heart-centered mentoring I create clarity and unlock potential. I love to 'connect the dots'. I am a 'Self-Discovery-Passionista' whose world evolves around connecting – not only dots, but also connecting deeply with others, as well as connecting with my heart. Driven by a deep desire for stepping up and more fully into life – I provide hope, courage and transformation in the process. To me life is magical and I like to say that I work at 'The Ministry of Magic'".


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