The New CEO Activist

Meet Professor Aaron Chatterji who will lecture on how CEO activism can generate both goodwill and risk for your company.


What is the event about?

Many leaders are increasingly engaging in controversial political and social debates that they would have shied away from just a few years ago. Weighing in on divisive issues can alienate stakeholders - customers, employees, and investors among them.

But does CEO activism actually change public opinion and policies? What are the risks and rewards? And what is the playbook for leaders considering speaking out? The author examines these questions and explains the results of his research.

One finding is that, consumers tend to view CEO activism through the lens of their own political affiliations, which can provoke both negative and positive respons. Nevertheless, in the age of Twitter, silence on an issue can be conspicuous - and consequential.

This event is a cooperation with ‘Tatarklubben’.


2.30 p.m.: Check-in and registration (registration continues till 3 p.m.)
3.00 p.m.: Framing and CEO Superbrands. Framing by CBS professor Dana Minbaeva. Danish CEO Superbrands by director Kasper Hülsen, Infomedia
3.15 p.m.: Keynote talk by Aaron Chatterji (Duke) on CEO activism and a panel
4.15 p.m.: Panel discussion and Q&A
4.45 p.m.: CBS Masterclass/ SI faculty. Topics: TBC. Presented by Department of Strategy and Innovation at CBS.
5.45 p.m.: Networking and reception

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