The Globe Project

We are four students from the department of Political Science, who are making an exhibition of globes that represents different perceptions of climate change. The different design are being made by researchers, artists, elementary school students, politicians and more.

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The objective with our event is to communicate climate change to the everyday person to build a bridge between the academic world and the non-academic world. As students, we are using the event and the participants reactions to prepare a synopsis for our oral exam.

The talk about climate has been influencing the debate in the natural sciences since geologists first discovered anthropogenic C02-emissions and its consequences. The last decades the climate debate has been more prominent in the agenda of the social sciences, which raises political questions about climate refugees, redistribution of resources etc. Climate change is a problem that has to be dealt with sooner or later, why it is also important to make the world population reflect over the problem and discuss it with one another.


Kl. 17.00 Welcoming, with snack and drinks
Kl. 17.15 Introduction of the project by the study group
Kl. 17.30 Open exhibition with walk-in


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