The Future of Work

Do you want to learn how to use prototyping for early stage discovery in machine-human interaction? Then join this 2-hour Workshop facilitated by Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. You must have signed up for our main event - Future Tech - Future Society - to be able to attend this workshop.

About the event

Emerging technologies will transform how we work. How can we push ourselves to imagine the different possibilities of what this means for us as individuals as well as how it affects societies? Humans can bring empathy and intuition to the table, while machines can process massive quantities of data. This workshop will be focused on Hands-on Prototyping that looks at the future of work and collaboration between human intelligence and machines. Rapid prototyping is essential to validate ideas in order to develop them in to a final solution. 

Join this innovative workshop and gain skills in:

  • Problem Framing: Defining a problem space based on prior knowledge, quick research, and intuition
  • Insight Generation: Articulating the needs and opportunities present in the problem space
  • Rapid Ideation: Being able to generate many concepts from pragmatic to wild that address the identified opportunities 
  • Creating User Scenarios: Step-by-step depiction of a context in which a new service or product can be used
  • Experience Prototyping: Use prototyping for early stage discovery and idea generation through low fidelity artifacts, role-play or body storming.

The Future of Work is an exclusive workshop for 20 participants only. It is hosted by award-winning consultancy Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). 

In order to participate you just have to send a short application answering the following two questions: What is your motivation for participating in the workshop? How do you expect the workshop to create value for your current or future research- or start-up project?

Several of the 20 chosen participants will feature in a blog post on Djøf’s social media to share their experience.

Visit our website for the main event and read about how you can register - 


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