The Future of Tech & Politics: Imagining 2050

Share your vision of what the world may look like in 30 years, hear from the leading tech and political thinkers, and help develop practical solutions.

About the event

This event is a thought-experiment, where speakers and participants are asked to imagine a future society 30 years from now (2050). Participants will especially focus on the political consequences of modern technology, and which tech-solutions that can be developed to meet these challenges. 

The purpose of this event is to bring forward-looking entrepreneurs from the tech-world together with people in the socio-political realm in order to bridge knowledge, which we believe can help develop the required solutions. This debate will take place in the context of the upcoming parliamentary election in Denmark.

The event will touch upon questions such as: 

  • how is technology changing society, and the way we interact with each other?
  • what effects could current trends have on the future? 
  • who is likely to hold power in the future? 
  • will democracy survive in its present state, or are new power structures necessary? 

The event will allow a number of startup companies to present their visions, technological expectations and solutions, and it will facilitate a debate with participants from the academic, journalistic, political worlds, as well as the private sector.

About Djøf Business Community

The event is organised by Djøf Business Community, which is a hub for startups, entrepreneurs and people who dream of having their own startup.

The core of our concept is mutual discussion and feedback. The goal of our events is to send everybody home with brand new and executable knowledge and a broader network.

You are very welcome to invite a friend and bring them with you to the event. Participation is free – also for non-members. They just have to sign up.


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