The financial future is feminist

Djøf London has invited Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Co-Founder of 'Female Invest', to guide you on how to start your investment journey and why you cannot afford not to invest.

What is the webinar about?

Women are far more reluctant to invest compared to men. This has long-term financial consequences and contributes to the financial gender gap. Despite a recent increase in women investors, there is still a long way before women account for half of all investors.

The Danish network, 'Female Invest' is on a mission for financial equality by educating women of all ages in personal finance and how to invest. It is about breaking down barriers and changing structures that hold women back from the entering the stock market.

Join Djøf London at North Star Law to meet with Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Co-Founder of 'Female Invest', and learn how to make your first investment. There will be canapés and refreshments at North Star Law overlooking St. James Park

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