Sustainable Case Competition

Join Valcon, MT Højgaard and Djøf to help solve a key sustainability issue that MT Højgaard is facing.

What is Sustainable Case Competition?

Sustainable Case Competition is a two-day case competition, which is organized by Djøf, Valcon and MT Højgaard. With this case competition you will solve a complex real-life sustainability case concerning Valcon and MT Højgaard. You will be solving the case in groups. Throughout the case competition, you will gain exclusive insight into how business works through the companies. The two days will be concluded with dinner and drinks Friday evening for all participants and the organizers.

What is the case competition about?

Our planet is facing critical challenges like climate change, resource scarcity, pollution, biodiversity loss and a myriad of other social, environmental, and financial risks. These risks combined with increasing pressure on the worlds’ resources are driving sustainability mainstream and placing sustainability at the center stage for business leaders. 

The construction industry holds some of the answers to a more sustainable society: 

  • 30% of Denmark’s CO2 emissions stems from the energy consumption in buildings and the construction process and the production of construction material 
  • 40% of all waste produced in Denmark stems from the construction industry
  • 90% of people's time in Denmark is spent indoors. The quality of buildings is therefore important for well-being, health and quality of life

You now have the opportunity to help MT Højgaard understand how we can deliver buildings that enable people to flourish and simultaneously have a positive impact on our climate and environment.

What will you get out of participating?

  • A chance to work on a real-life sustainability challenge that MT Højgaard Projektudvikling is facing today and a chance to learn from peers 
  • Interaction with Valcon consultants and introduction to Valcon methods 
  • Interaction with MT Højggard Projektudvikling and exposure to senior management
  • Updated knowledge on current sustainability issues that companies are struggling with

Competences that will be put to work

  • A structured approach to problem-solving through the issue-driven problem-solving methodology
  • How to identify and prioritise key issues and challenges in a real-life case
  • Concise and structured communication – both written and verbally
  • Preparing a coherent presentation with data and recommendations for potential next steps for MT Højgaard
  • Storytelling and presenting in front of an audience and senior management of MT Højgaard and Valcon
  • Approaching a problem from an angle of sustainability (Valcon’s HOW sustainability)

Prizes for the winning team include a gift certificate to Øens Have, a day as a consultant and the opportunity to pitch to senior management in MT Højgaard.

About Valcon

Valcon are the premium operations consulting firm in Europe merged with deep technology and data expertise. We connect strategy and operations. We call this The HOW.

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