Softfunding for startups - how to succeed with crowdfunding

Meet the crowdfunding experts from SOLOSOCKS and learn how they raised more than 2 million DKK on Kickstarter.

What is the event about?

Are you curious about how to take advantage of the possibilities of crowdfunding or do you need funding for your own startup?

Djøf Business Community and SOLOSOCKS now gives you a rare chance to learn all about what it takes to launch successful campaigns. 

You’ll get insights on:

  • Funding options for startups
  • How to get through the valley of death
  • The pros and cons of reward-based crowdfunding
  • How to plan and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Hacks & tips to grow your startup

Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the most experienced crowdfunding experts in Denmark as Alex Morabbi shares his knowledge and insights so you can take your startup to the next level!

Learn more about SOLOSOCKS and their product on www.solosocks.dk or www.solosocks.co

The event will take place at SAP’s new experience center. 

About Djøf Business Community 

This event is hosted by Djøf Business Community. The Community is a place for entrepreneurs, self-employed business owners and everyone with an interest in business and entrepreneurship. 

Djøf Business Community is all about mutual advice and feedback. Our goal is to make sure that everyone walks home with an extended network and executable knowledge that benefits their business.

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