Sleeping cycles and your career

Do you usually skip the 8 a.m. lectures because you are simply too tired to concentrate? Have you ever wondered why your body does not adjust to early mornings? Then you might be a so-called B Person or a late riser.


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The Danish B-Society will host a presentation about their work and vision. The topic of the day is our working hours are aligned to a specific type of sleeping cycle - the early risers (A person). But what if you are not an early riser?

The mission of the B-Society is to increase quality of life and productivity of late risers by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. CBS Diversity Inclusion invites you to explore another dimension of Diversity which you may not have thought about.

At the event you will meet Camilla Kring, who founded the B-Society in 2006 and has members in 50 countries nowadays. As a consultant, she has helped employees at several Danish companies to learn how natural sleeping rhythm varies.

5 p.m. Talk by Camilla Kring, founder of the B-Society
6 p.m. Open discussion

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