Salary negotiation

Join this workshop and get the right tools to negotiate your salary.

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23. marts 2023
København K




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About the event

Salary negotiation is a skill that requires preparation and practice in order to succeed. At this workshop we will look into best practice, negotiation theory and give you the right tools to negotiate the best possible salary in Denmark.

Among other topics the workshop will touch up on:

  • How to find your 'market value' in Denmark
  • Negotiation strategies
  • How to approach your first negotiation in Denmark
  • The best arguments 
  • Interest-based negotiation
  • Alternatives to salary
  • Salary negotiation as ongoing process 
  • Negotiation in current position vs new employment

Furthermore, we will provide information about other terms and conditions in relation to employment in Denmark as well as other usual benefits.

This event is held in collaboration with PWN, Copenhagen.


  • 05.00 pm

    Check in and refreshments
  • 05.30 pm

    Presentation about salary negotiation
  • 06.30 pm

    Workshop and Q&A
  • 07.30 pm

    Thank you for today
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      21. marts 2023 kl. 17:00
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    • Marie Cloos Petersen

      Marie Cloos Petersen

      Clara Brøgger Kauffmann

      Clara Brøgger Kauffmann
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    • Niels Rask Bojesen

      Niels Rask Bojesen
      Konsulent, Djøf

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