Political Freedom Rights and Human Rights

Human Rights under pressure? Looking at the popular and political events in Spain and Turkey it makes you wonder how the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembley and other Human Rights are to be understood. This evening’s debate will shed a light on that.


About the event

We have learned to take the freedom of expression given to us by the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights for granted. We have the right to express our opinions on, for example, political issues without being pursued for that reason. We expect it to apply across Europe - or at least the countries that have joined the Convention.

But the actions and clashes of recent years in, for example, Turkey and in Spain have caused the picture to flicker. When prosecuted because you disagree with the current government - at the trial process does not follow normal procedures of the country, isn’t it an objective violation of the personal and political rights of freedom? What consequences should it have - for the government?

Therefore, we would like to discuss and understand what political freedom rights are, how far they go and whether there is an international responsibility that can be applied to the countries that violate the conventional provisions.

In Denmark, too, we have practiced bending conventional rights - or finding the boundaries for them. Therefore, it is good to know what is political leeway and what it is "set in stone" if one day you should disagree with the current government's policy.

For tonight's debate, we have invited an international observer to the judicial process in Spain, a researcher on human rights and conflict as well as a representative of one of the main civil organizations fighting for the right of self-determination for the Catalan people.

The evening is conducted in English.

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