Panel discussion on Cultural Diversity

What is diversity and how does it impact the modern workplace, and importantly how does your company/employer deal with it?

What is the event about?

This mid-morning conference is aimed at business leaders and influencers who set the agenda and drive the path for the best possible diversity mix across all axes. It will be the place to learn from and liaise with fellow members with a common interest in the practice of diversity in the workplace. How does cultural diversity impact innovation, engagement, competitiveness, bottom-line results, etc. With a strong panel of industry leaders, we are looking for them to share their knowledge and perspectives from their respective industries.

The discussion will be moderated by Kim Bildsøe Lasse, Danish/UK news correspondent and The Bureau Chief for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's office in London. As well as moderating and funneling your questions and comments to the panel, he will take an interest in how diversity can be used in the context not only of innovation and the corporate bottom-line but also how to ensure you have a healthy and diverse team in your organization. 

Sign up and personal data

To sign up for the event, please register directly at the DK-UK Association, who is also responsible for data / data controller. Please use the promo code DjofCD2020 when signing up.

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