Our Sustainability Journey

Join PWN and Djøf for an exciting event on sustainability in companies when we invite Berendsen in to tell about their continuously strive for sustainability.

What is the event about?

Sustainability is a very important topic for our society both today and tomorrow, and most importantly it should be integrated in a company's strategy. This evening we will hear from Henrik Luxhøj, CEO of Berendsen and Louise Elver, CSR Manager, who will be taking you through Berendsen's sustainability journey.

It started back in the 1990s with saving water and electricity, continued to 2000s in training refugees, all the way to 2019 to being the world’s first certified company according to the UN sustainable development goals by Bureau Veritas. Henrik and Louise will discuss how they implemented the goals in their strategy, as well as give practical examples and tips on how you can embark on the sustainability efforts in your company.

What about the Corona Virus?

You can feel safe that we follow all guidelines on preventing transmitting of Corona Virus during our events.

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