New Ways of Working - Teal and Beyond

Join PWN and Djøf for an exciting event on how to work Teal.

What is the event about?

For about 10 years a new leadership paradigm has emerged: New Ways of Working. Consisting of many different mechanisms ranging from well-defined practices to principles, but how do you navigate?

Let’s take a deep dive into New Ways of Working with a focus on the mechanisms behind ‘Teal’. We’ll get around why, how, and what as well as examples of Teal organizations. At the end we’ll ask: What’s beyond Teal?

At this event you’ll be introduced to New Ways of Working where we’ll take a deep dive into the mechanisms, values, and principles behind ‘Teal’ - a new organisational concept based on three key ideas: self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose


  • Introductions and check-in.
  • Walk-trough of New Ways of Working.
  • Deep dive in Teal with examples.
  • Signals: What’s beyond Teal?
  • Check-out and thanks.

When leaving this event, you’ll hopefully have a head full of examples and ideas on how you can create change towards a suitable teal-ish colour of your own.


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