Negotiation Skills and Psychology by Professor Bruce Hay of Harvard Law School

Elevate your skills as a negotiator and conflict manager and build trustful relationships.

Who is the course for?

You want to expand your tools and personal strength as a negotiator as well as better understand the psychological aspects and biases that affect the negotiation.

You can participate regardless of whether you engage in negotiations in public or commercial settings. You are, for example, a public official, manager, lawyer or negotiator in individual or collective bargaining.

You will learn to:

  • Understand and prepare for the psychological and behavioural aspects of negotiations
  • Use state-of-the-art concepts and tools for analysing and preparing negotiations
  • Increase shared value in negotiations
  • Prioritise your interests and analyse those of your counterparty
  • Handle conflict-ridden negotiations
  • Identify and negotiation biases
  • Utilise the physical negotiation context
  • Build more sustainable relationships

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Course content

This course translates the latest negotiation research into practical individual skills. It is based on the best and most advanced thinking on integrative negotiation techniques and psychology. 

The two goals of the course are to improve your negotiation techniques and to give you tools to keep a strict eye on the emotional and cognitive biases that can derail the negotiation process. The course will give you both hard and soft techniques to do well in negotiation while building lasting relationships.


Course structure

The case and tool based teaching combined with theory enables you to manage your negotiations, challenging opponents, irrational responses and conflicts more constructively. You will receive better results because you develop more conscious and strategic skills.

The material for the course draws on research, cases and simulations developed and used by Bruce Hay at Harvard Law School.

The course includes accommodation, and there will be lectures/networking on the evening of the first course day.

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