Need a co-founder? Or do you have co-founder potential?

Creating a successful business requires multiple competences. Not one person has all the competencies needed! At this event, you can find your hacker, hipster, hound or hustler

About the event

If you are a startup, where do you find people who has the competencies that you are looking for? And what to do when you do not have any money to hire them? Or maybe you would love to be part of a startup and you believe that you have some of the valuable resources – you just do not have any excellent business idea and therefore you have not got started yet!

At this event, you get an excellent opportunity to either pitch your business idea and flash what kind of competencies you need. Or you get the opportunity of being part of a startup in which you can use your energy, competencies and knowledge.

At this event, you also go beyond your network and fellow students because you will meet people from other universities, other contexts with other competencies and other networks.

We help you with the match making of great startup teams! Whether you are a startup or a person who would love to contribute to a startup. This is the place for you! 

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