Master the Art of Public Speaking - The American Way

We all have people we admire for their networking strategies, ease of conversation, and dynamic public speaking style. How do they do it? We have invited Sarah Worthington, an experienced public speaker and networking mentor and coach, to teach us how and share her top tips.

About the event

Djøf New York invites you to attend a “hands on” workshop on public speaking and networking where you will learn interpersonal skills that work for everyone.

Great communicators rely on the same set of techniques. They use them whether they are pitching a new idea, leading a team, giving a presentation on stage, or engaging in “small talk”. And these techniques are not at all a secret. In fact, by practicing them you can be one of those successful communicators.

In this workshop you will learn of and how to apply these skills to networking events. Through an informal and fun series of hands-on activities we will identify and explore body language, eye contact, facial expressions, and hand gestures to see how each of these helps to tell our story and make a lasting impression.

We will also tap into the power of your voice. Learn how to create excitement in your speaking and give your words power and confidence. With exercises on abdominal breathing, articulation, altering pace and pitch, and shaping vocal quality to express emotions, you will create memorable interactions that work for an audience of one, or two thousand and one.

Finally, we will examine how being an active listener may be the most important skill for making lasting connections. Discover how listening, and not talking, is the key to great communication. Learning to truly listen will give you confidence and trust for any setting because it allows the ideas between people to grow and expand - making your interpersonal skills more magnetic, more impactful, and more memorable.

This workshop will take place at 'Smør' and to keep the energy up, small delicious bites and drinks will be available.

Availability at this workshop is limited and seats will be available at a first come first serve basis.

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