Live webinar: How to be an effective mentor - using positive psychology

Find out how you can use positive psychology in your conversations with your mentee.


What is the webinar about?

We have invited Lis Merrick, mentor and coach expert, to give us an introduction to the basic elements of the mentor role and the concept of positive psychology. She will focus on four themes of positive psychology which you can use in mentoring, and she will tell us how you can evoke positive emotions in your mentee.

The four themes are:

  • Positive emotions
  • Strengths
  • Resilience
  • Personal growth

So how do you work with these elements in the process of increasing the mentee’s self-awareness? Together we explore the elements of positive psychology and talk about when it can be powerful to use in your conversations with your mentee.

You can meet Lis Merrick in this video.

Please note

The webinar will be conducted in English. In order for all to benefit, you will be encouraged to participate in dialogue, share ideas and debate with other participants in smaller teams of two or three persons. Therefore, it is important that you use your web cam and microphone during the webinar.

Practical information

  • You will receive a Zoom link and guidance one week before the webinar starts
  • The webinar requires your active participation with audio via PC/tablet/mobile, so it would be a good idea to have your mobile headset ready
  • We recommend that you share your photo (webcam)
  • We start with audio-check in at 15.30 and begin the webinar at 16.00 (Danish time). 

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