Live webinar - Find your purpose in these unusual times

Find your personal 'why' to get renewed motivation in your current job, or sharpen your values and personal brand.


What is the event about?

The coronavirus pandemic is paralyzing our economy and our daily life. For many of us it ignites an oppotunity to rethink our lives and think what we can do with our time that is important.  

The good news is that purpose is not static — it is something you can consciously pursue, create and recreate. When you know, what you value, and you are able to express your WHY, you are able to bring your work and career alive with purpose. Now is the time to do this exercise.

In a series of two webinars, experienced personal growth consultants will guide you through practical tips and strategies that can help identify your values and purpose in life, create your personal brand based on your ‘why’ and turn your purpose into action and clear results.

We'll be digging into the following:

  • how to connect authentically with what you really want to do with your professional life
  • how to make sure this is really a good option for you on a long term basis, so you don’t make a mistake
  • how to find a real direction in your career
  • how to make a clear plan that is easy to get started with and won’t be overwhelming.

The first episode of the webinar will take place on: Friday April 3rd: 8-9 AM.

The follow-up episode will take place on: Tuesday April 7th: 8-9 AM

This webinar will also be offered in Danish. It will be held at the same dates as the English webinar but starting from 9-10 AM.

Sign up for the Danish Webinar here: Find dit 'WHY' i disse usædvanlige tider


The event is organized by Djøf Business Community in cooperation with the newly founded coaching company Evolve Careers. 

About Djøf Business Community

The event is organised by Djøf Business Community, which is a hub for startups, entrepreneurs and people who dream of having their own startup.

The core of our concept is mutual discussion and feedback. The goal of our events is to send everybody home with brand new and executable knowledge and a broader network.

You are very welcome to invite a friend and bring them with you to the event. Participation is free – also for non-members. They just have to sign up.

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Evolve Careers

The event is organized by Djøf Business Community in cooperation with the newly founded coaching company Evolve Careers.

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