Live webinar - Fashion and Sustainable Business Models

Hear about the Fashion Industry, how it works and how we might improve it.


About the event

CBS Fashion Society is happy to invite everyone to our first event for this semester – Fashion and Sustainable Business Models – in collaboration with Djøf and Fashion Revolution Danmark.

The focus of the webinar will be on the business side of the fashion industry, the current business models, what problems they are facing, and what new and sustainable business models are out there. If you want to work in the fashion business, want to own your own business or you are just interested in fashion and new business models, this event is for you.

With the expert knowledge of Kirsti Reitan Andersen you will get insights on the realities of the business as well as good examples of current companies with innovative business models.

The event will be held on 12. November 2020, within the 'MAKE SMTHNG WEEK'. This Week was established as a response to 'Black Friday' with the idea to fight the over-consumption of cheap plastic and cheap clothes that are the building block for forced labour and unethical business models. 

Practical information:

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