Live webinar - Denmark and USA: Cultural conflicts

Which cultural conflicts have you experienced as a Dane in the USA - and how have you addressed them? Kay Xander Mellish, a US-DK dual citizen and author will join us for an entertaining look at some of the most common differences between Danish and American culture, with a focus on the workplace.


What is the event about?

No matter how long you’ve worked with Americans, a few cultural differences probably stand out.

  • Danish directness vs. American sensitivity and “political correctness"
  • The Danish flat hierarchy vs. an American boss who loves her title
  • Small talk vs. the personal privacy bubble
  • American cheerleading and enthusiasm vs Danish reserve.

Kay Xander Mellish, a US-DK dual citizen and the author of “Working with Americans: Tips for Danes” and the upcoming “Working with Danes: Tips for Americans” will lead a discussion on how we can work more happily and more effectively across cultures.

She’ll be sharing stories from her research about how working relationships between Danes and Americans go wrong – and thoughts on how both sides can understand each other better.

You’ll also have a chance to offer up your knowledge in return for a free copy of Kay’s book “Working with Americans: Tips for Danes” - or, if you prefer, an advance copy of Kay’s new book, “Working with Danes: Tips for Americans”, which you can share with American colleagues who dearly need it.

Questions for Kay in advance? Please send them to Djøf New York.

Practical informations:

  • This webinar will be in English
  • Sign-up to receive the Zoom details which will be send on the day of the webinar
  • Please check in at 3.45 pm (to make sure the technicals are working). 

Please note: This webinar begins at 4.00 pm New York time.

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