Legal setup for startups

Meet Kristian Anker the CEO and Co-founder of LegalHero and learn how to make the best legal setup in your startup.

About the event

Some entrepreneurs like to focus entirely on building a product and bring value to customers. But it can be costly to ignore the legal and structural details that can have lasting implications for your startup in the future.

So what are the main legal aspects you should know when you decide to start your own company? And how do you handle legal risk?

Join this event and learn from Kristian Anker and the experts from LegalHero as they will guide you through some of the legal pitfalls.

You will learn about:

  • Minimum requirements before you start
  • Great contracts vs. great relations
  • Shareholders agreement vs. handshake
  • Compliance vs. execution – how to handle legal risk
  • Investments – when and how

After the talk LegalHero will give individual advice to participants.



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