Leadership Within

Join InterNations and Djøf for an interactive workshop on how to connect with your Inner Leader.

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Leadership is not about your title, experience, or power. Your ability to lead others goes beyond your ability to manage others. To lead is to be of service, to act with integrity, to invoke trust, and to hold a vision. To lead, you must be worth following.

In a workshop setting, we will identify which qualities make a great leader, where you are naturally skilled and which areas you would like to improve. We will focus on identifying how to “walk the talk” and act in accordance with your own leadership values. 

Last but not least, after participating in the workshop you will achieve a very clear understanding of what makes a great leader, and you will have a unique agreement with yourself which will help you be and stay worth following. 
The workshop will be facilitated by certified leadership coach Migena Gjerazi.

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