Kickstart your international career

Join this event to and learn how to kickstart your international career.


About the event

Join 'Asia Days' and Djøf for an exciting and educative evening where you’ll learn how to direct your future career in an international direction. The focus of this event will be on, what you can do to ensure an international career with a focus on Asian countries.

Our speaker will introduce you to several tools that you can use in your quest, go over the most essential steps in making it internationally and how you can and should use your network or networking apps to make this dream come true.

The talk will be followed up with some guiding questions to get you started on your research and hereafter we will have a 15 minutes Q&A session, where you have a chance to ask the questions that follows.

After the event there will be time for networking with other students who share your interest in an international career.

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