Kickstart your graduate recruitment with Grundfos

Are you a graduate or about to finish your studies? Come and join the digital Djøf Graduate Case Competition and solve an exciting case for Grundfos. You will stand out when you apply for your first graduate job.

What is Djøf’s Graduate Case Competition?

The Djøf Graduate Case Competition is an offer for graduates or soon-to-be graduates who consider starting their career in a graduate job.

As a participant, you will learn how digital tools are becoming increasingly integrated in the recruitment process. When you apply for a graduate programme, you will go through a comprehensive recruitment process that the companies use to get to know you.

By participating in Djøf’s Graduate Case Competition, you will practice the recruitment processes on an online platform, and you will be rated as a potential employee based on your overall profile.  

Read more about Graduate Case Competition and PeerPilot here (in Danish).

Why participate?

Djøfs Case Competition gives you the opportunity to hone your online skills and stand out when you apply for your first graduate job. As a participant, you will get:

  • an introduction to the stages of the recruitment process that you will go through to land a graduate job
  • a strengthened CV, practical experience and increased chances of landing your dream job or an attractive graduate job
  • experience with solving tasks in a digital collaboration environment of different professional profiles

The top three candidates will be invited for a lunch and tour at Grundfos together with the Global Graduate Programme Manager, current graduates and high-level leaders from the organization. You will be given the chance to have some unique insights into a truly global company with high ambitions and projects. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get good tips on the recruitment process. 

Please note that you will be participating in an online meeting.

Djøf uses the Zoom Meeting software. To participate in this onine meeting, you need to downloade and install the software to your PC. When you install Zoom Meetings, you are giving consent to Zooms privacy policy.

The case company Grundfos in brief

Grundfos is an international company that has its headquarters in Bjerringbro, Denmark and are in 56 countries with 88 offices with more than 19.000 employees. Grundfos develops water and digital solutions for the world as;

“We pioneer solutions to the world's water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people." 

Pumps are the core business of Grundfos. Every day, the energy efficient pumps provide comfort, deliver drinking water, remove wastewater, or help farmers water their crops all over the world. Grundfos set the standard within their work areas and keep raising the bar when it comes to energy efficiency and protecting the environment.

Since 1945 they’ve honed their skills in order to produce the perfect pumps with the best digital solutions. Pumps which can move liquid to where it should be – using as little energy as possible, making a real difference for the people and the world we live in.

Grundfos is a company that truly believes in innovation and sustainability and helping to solve the climate changes the world is experiencing. 

Privacy policy - important

Read more about how Djøf and Grundfos process my personal data in the parties' privacy policies here:

Read Djøfs privacy policy here (in Danish).

Read Grundfos' privacy policy here.

Deadline for participation

To participate, please sign up free of charge no later than Friday January 31, 2020 at 2.00 pm. Sign up at the top of the page.

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