Introduction to startup funding with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Find out what investor-type you should target and how to convince them to invest in your startup.

What is the event about?

Introduction to startup funding

  • Who invest in the different phases of a startup (different investors for different phases)
  • What are the different types of investors looking for (different type of investors for different types of startups)
  • The importance of the team and co-founders before approaching investors
  • Detailed walk-trough of the different types of investors: Venture Capital, Banks, Crowdfunding, Business Angels, Corporate Investors, Public Funding, Friends & Family etc.
  • How to convince them
  • Pros and cons of each type of investor
  • Usual investment terms (valuation, control rights etc.)

About Djøf Business Community 

This event is hosted by Djøf Business Community. The Community is a place for entrepreneurs, self-employed business owners and everyone with an interest in business and entrepreneurship. 

Djøf Business Community is all about mutual advice and feedback. Our goal is to make sure that everyone walks home with an extended network and executable knowledge that benefits their business.

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