Introduction to Project Management

Learn to work efficiently in projects and be equipped with a set of relevant tools.

Who is this course for?

You are involved in a project or are about to be involved in a project either as a member of a project team or as a Project Manager.

You want to learn the fundamentals of Project Management and how to lead a project efficiently – in a private or public company or organisation.

You will obtain:

  • Knowledge of the key terms used in project management
  • An overview of the most important project management tools
  • A better understanding of your own role in the project as well as tools to clarify roles and expectations in the project
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own experiences and practices in your projects and in your organisation
  • Methods, tips and tricks on how to lead a project efficiently
  • The book ‘Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios’ from Djøf Publishing.

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Course content

The course ‘Introduction to Project Management’ will take you through all the key elements required to manage a project. It is a hands-on course that will link theory and practice in a way that will enable you to use your new skills as soon as you are back at your desk and be better equipped to manage your project or contribute to the project as a team member.

You will learn all the key elements related to project management: the characteristics of a project, the role of a project manager and other roles in the project organisation, and the classical tools of a project manager – how to set clear goals, how to make a solid plan, how to manage stakeholder, how to identify and handle risks, among others. 

Course structure

The course ‘Introduction to Project Management’ will provide an appropriate mix between theory, tools, research and examples as well as personal reflection on own practices and group exercises.

The aim is to teach you how to use the tools and methods in practice; you will therefore be working with your own and other participants’ projects during the course. Along the way, you will be given feedback on your application and performance, and you will have ample opportunity to discuss own experiences, reflections and challenges with peers.

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