Idea to Business Workshop

Get on track to realize your start-up idea.


What is the event about?

To participate in the workshop it is a prerequisite for you, or your team, to have concrete ideas to work on.

As we know, the Business Model Canvas gives the structure of a business plan in a visual and easy, step by step way. The model has nine elements and together, these elements provide a coherent view of the business key drivers. This method delivers focus, flexibility and transparency. Stripping away a 30 page business plan into a one page visual, offers clarity and focus.

Having the ability to modify each quadrant with ease offers flexibility. Business plans can be redundant and with this single page outlining each element in a concise way offers transparency and becomes easier for people to understand and want to take part in the idea whether it be as a team member or investor.

Next step of the workshop will be pitching, we use a model that works everytime. The (O)NABC model is direct and most appealing for pitching in front of stakeholders. This model works for a 15 second pitch all the way up to an hour. Oh, and It is easy, fun and certainly memorable.


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