How to Write a Resume that Gets You the Interview

Join Djøf New Yorks next webinar where US Career Coach Robert Hellman will teach you how to write a resume that distinguish you from your competition and gets you the interview.


What is this webinar about?

Is your resume communicating why they should hire you versus your competitors in the 15 seconds or less that a hiring manager is reading it?
In this seminar, Robert Hellmann of Hellmann Career Consulting, will review examples of resumes from actual job search ‘success stories’ to get the facts straight about what will and won’t help you to land the interview.
We’ll cover:
  • Before and after resume and cover letter examples, so you can clearly see what works
  • Nine resume do’s and six resume don’ts that will debunk a lot myths and get you better results
  • For career and industry-changers, how to relate your prior experience to what you’re looking to do next
  • How to address gaps in your background, too-much or too-little experience, job-hopping and other potential problems
  • The two things you must do before you start writing to ensure your resume will resonate. 

Pratical information

  • The time indicated is New York time/EST.
  • This webinar is in English.
  • You will receive Zoom info and a secure Zoom link on the day of the webinar.
  • Please have your headset ready and your camera on. We are opening the webinar at 16.20 pm for all to login in advance and make sure the technology is working for you, but the webinar will not start before 6.30 pm and end at 8.00 pm.

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