Health Care Pricing Strategy

Interested in the healthcare industry? Are you looking for a position in the medicon valley? Then no need to look further! CBS Health is hosting an event about the pricing strategy in the healthcare industry. Join the event to network and to learn about opportunities within the industry.

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On the 19th November CBS Health will in collaboration with Djøf invite you for an inspiring afternoon getting to know more about the pricing strategy in the health care industry. The event will be held together with two consultants from Simon-Kucher, who will introduce you more to the topic and give a deeper understand of the mechanisms involved.

The purpose of the event is to network and learn more about the healthcare industry and how to get a foot into the business. The event will consist of two parts; on one hand CBS Health will introduce you to the health industry in Copenhagen and give insights on the possibilities our partner Djøf offers on career guidance and job search within the sector.

On the other hand you will be able to learn from two consultants from Simon-Kucher specialized in the health care industry. Thus, the health industry is a very complex industry and pricing is not as intuitive as in other ones, the experts will introduce the students on the pricing strategy in the health care industry.

The event provides a deep insight relevant for students that are looking for a position within this sector, but it is also for students who are just curious about the industry. All in all, we hope to create greater awareness of the healthcare industry and provide information for students to wishes to explore the opportunities within the market.


Kl. 17.10 Welcome and presentation of CBS Health and Djøf
Kl. 17.20 Introduction to Simon-Kucher & Partners
Kl. 17.30 Seminar: Pricing Strategies in the Pharma Industry
Kl. 18.40 Q&A
Kl. 19.00 Networking, informal dinner and drinks 

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