Forskerrunde 2020

Join us for the event 'Forskerrunde 2020' and get insights into the newest research at the Department of Economics and Business Economics.


About the event

In collaboration with Djøf, 'Oeconrådet' is inviting you to the event 'Forskerrunde 2020'. In this year’s event, four researchers at the Department of Economics and Business Economics will present their newest research. By participating in this event, you, therefore, have a unique opportunity to gain insights into some of the newest research and to be inspired for your further studies and coming up bachelor and master theses.

Each researcher has a presentation of 20 minutes after which there will be a 10 minutes Q&A session. The best question of the Q&A sessions will receive a small prize. As something new, you have the opportunity to participate in this year’s event virtually and due to the corona pandemic, we only accommodate the first 50 participants at the campus.  Participation is free, and you do not have to be a member of Djøf to participate. The event will be held in English.

Hvad med coronavirus?

Du kan være tryg ved, at vi følger alle retningslinjer for at forhindre smitte med ny coronavirus ved vores arrangementer.

Arrangementet har ikke flere afholdelser på nuværende tidspunkt

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