FinTech: The Future's Financial Services

FinTech companies offer the users many new innovative technological alternatives to traditional financial institutions. In collaboration with Peter Smith from Lunar Way and Peter Ejler Storgaard from the Danish Central Bank’s Department of Financial Stability, we will explore this exciting development.


About the event

FinTech companies are going through a huge development and challenge the traditional financial method by combining both Finance and IT. The purpose of this event is to develop a further understanding of FinTech’s possibilities and limitations.

Two interesting speakers with two different backgrounds will contribute to this debate and further try to highlight possibilities, pitfalls, limitations and the potential of this development in the financial sector. Our speakers are Peter Smith, former Manager for Nordea Kredit and current Head of Banking in the FinTech company Lunar Way and Peter Ejler Storgaard, Head of Financial Institutions in the Department of Financial Stability in the Central Bank of Denmark.


05:00 p.m. Drinks, Snacks, and Mingling
05:15 p.m. Welcome by Asta Jensen, Chairman of Socialøkonomisk Samfund
05:20 p.m. Presentation by Peter Smith: The development and potential in FinTech on the basis of Lunar Way
05:40 p.m. Presentation by Peter Storgaard: FinTech and Financial Stability
06:00 p.m. Q&A
06:15 p.m. Thanks for today

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