Find your way early in your career

Improve your understanding of what the next step in your career should be – when you listen to both your heart and your mind.

What is the event about?

Early on in our career paths we often rush off after new goals. But is your best self along for this ride? Are you aware of when you’re thriving? Or whether anything might need to be changed? 
Take a career break and get to know yourself and your professional life even better - and strengthen your personal insight.

In our webinar we introduce tools designed to help you:

  • know your preferences
  • pinpoint what motivates you
  • measure your job satisfaction.

This webinar is for anyone who after a few years of professional work experience is still in the process of finding their place in the job market.

We take a focused look at your career and satisfaction by addressing topics such as:

  • what to do if you have a poor relationship with your manager
  • how to get more challenging assignments
  • whether you should change job - and when
  • whether it may be too late to change course in your career
  • the job market is expanding - how do you take advantage of this.

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