Feminist Economics

Come and join a presentation by Micaela Fernandez Erlauer. Erlauer will explain how it is to work in the field of feminist economics and will give us some insights on gender budgeting.


About the event

A new wave of feminism has been gaining strength over the last years, especially as technological developments via #metoo and #everydaysexism have made it possible for women all over the world to contribute and become a part of the movement.

The purpose of this event is to engage students in an important scholarly debate about feminism’s role in society, generally and in economics specifically. Taking its starting point in Latin America, the purpose of the event is also to widen the discussion beyond the Danish/Western-centric scope that is often reproduced in these discussions.

This event is important and relevant for the student that wants to get involved in international debates about feminism. The message of Micaela Fernández Erlauer, as part of Economic Feminism,an Argentinian NGO, is that it is important to fight for gender equality, where the NGO also tries to provide informative data to the public debate on gender equality.

Women should be engaged in economics and the feminist debates about gender budgeting, gender welfare and care work should always be present when we discuss economics, finance and production.

Practical information

  • This webinar is in English.
  • You will receive Zoom info on the day of the webinar.

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