EU, climate and the green transition

Join this discussion with political and business leaders who work with projects and challenges concerning the climate and hear what the EU and businesses are able to do and accomplish.


About the event

After years with the coronavirus taking focus away from other pressing matters, the focus is once again on climate change and the green transition we are undertaking and continue to develop.

Therefore, IBP Union, Europabevægelsen, and Djøf are inviting you to join us on Wednesday September 28, where speakers within the political and business sphere will engage in a discussion about the current situation regarding the green transition and climate.

The purpose of the event is to spread awareness of what the political and business world are able to do for the climate and which opportunities and challenges we and they face within the green transition and which actors both nationally and internationally have the possibility and responsibility to accomplish the green transition.

As the Danish energy company Ørsted plays a central role in Denmark following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is an important actor when it comes to the green transition, they will give their take on the current situation and what it means for the future where accelerating the development of renewable energy can make the EU independent of Russian gas.

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