Future Talent Academy

FTA is a hands-on crash course that gives you new skills and the network to succeed in your next dream job.

About the event:

FTA gives you the skills needed to succeed in the labour market of the future. We deliver the practical tools and resources that help you get one step closer to your new dream job or your dream of being self-employed. The course is organised by entrepreneurs and practicing industry specialist in collaboration with Djøf, and it is taught by people who are already living your dream.

The course consists of three interlinked Saturday workshops running from March to May. As participant you can choose one of the three listed specialisations below. The learning outcomes will be co-created with participants and experts. Once you register for one of the specialisations you will be contacted by us. 


1. Digital tools and tricks: The Digital Future - how to apply AI in Business

The ‘digital future track’ is primary for you who aspire to work with or build digital startups, or you who desires to pursue digital transformation in corporates. In this course, you will be introduced to Artificial Intelligence, the most transformational technology of our time. The course is primarily non-technical and the focus is to bring you up to speed on AI terminology and cases of Applied AI. The course will also empower you to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in large or small organizations and create the initials steps of an AI strategy.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the meaning behind the most common AI terminology
  • Learn how to spot relevant opportunities for applying in large and small organizations
  • Get practical insight on how machine learning works?
  • Gain knowledge of the Principles with AI

2. Personal growth: Find Your Purpose and Act on It

People who have a sense of purpose are often the most successful. They are capable of shaping their lives in the ways they want and often reach their dreams. When you know your goals and your motivation behind, it is easier for you to reach them.

This track is designed to support participants in discovering and developing the inner powers needed to create purposeful change. By starting with an understanding of self and what matters to participants personally, then exploring ways to join teams with others who share similar values, and finally taking inspired action together, participants will grow as leaders who are able to better navigate uncertainty and build resilience.

Additionally, the course will teach participants how to continually stay focused on their goals and avoid distractions in order to achieve their vision. The experience is interactive and experiential with participants learning through panels, discussion with peers, and facilitation from experienced mentors and professional coaches.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify your values and purpose in life
  • Learn how to create a personal brand based on your ‘why’
  • Get the right tools to turn your purpose into actionable strategies and clear results
  • Learn how to optimize your brain capabilities to maximize your learning and performance
  • Identify valuable skills to prepare for the future of work

3. Start-up life: Design Thinking for intra-entrepreneurs

‘Design Thinking for intra-entrepreneurs’ is for everyone who are looking for tools to introduce innovative products or services to market based on customer insights
In this track, you will learn what ‘design thinking’ is, and gain hands on tools on how to collect valuable customer insight. The primary aim of the course is to empower you to idea-prototype and-test service and products that solve essential problems. During this course, you will develop a prototyping mind-set, where you start to perceive iterations, trial and error, and even failure as a valuable element of innovation projects.

Learning objectives:

  • Empathize with a broad group of customers to understand their needs 
  • Learn how to define and re-define innovation challenges by asking the right questions
  • Lean how to conduct structured brainstorming sessions 
  • Learn how to build and test rapid prototypes

About Djøf Business Community

The event is organised by Djøf Business Community, which is a hub for startups, entrepreneurs and people who dream of having their own startup.

The core of our concept is mutual discussion and feedback. The goal of our events is to send everybody home with brand new and executable knowledge and a broader network.

You are very welcome to invite a friend and bring them with you to the event. Participation is free – also for non-members. They just have to sign up.

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