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Future Talent Academy (FTA) is an entrepreneurship program offered by Djøf Business Community. The purpose of the programme is to give participants the skills needed to succeed in the future. The FTA is focused on the community and leveraging the knowledge within it. Participants will take part in a series of workshops led by experienced people.

About the event:

The Future Talent Academy is a specialised programme that helps entrepreneurial souls build on their own capacity and prepare for the future.

Over the next three months we will throughout the course offer a select group of people to participate in three consecutive workshops based on their exact needs and expertise. Deadline for application is the 7th of March and participants will receive a letter of confirmation on the 8th of March.​ The program consists of 3 workshops where participants will follow one of three tracks. Each track has a maximum of 15 participants. See description of the different tracks below.

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Track I: Digital work

The ‘digital work’ track is for those of you who aspire to work in startups, or those of you in the early stages of creating one, and is wondering how to improve productivity and content. We will start by identifying your needs and through exchange of ideas, you will come away with an overview of tools to improve your digital work and agility. The discussion will also allow for a presentation of what not to do and how to learn from failure. Participants will be able to focus on how to optimize organizations and be as efficient as possible.

Learning objectives:

  • How to improve working methods within and among organizations.
  • Determining which collaboration tools fit for which startup.
  • How to boost productivity through the use of tech.

Track II: Company culture

The ‘company culture’ track is targeted at people working in startups that are beyond the initial phase, and want to build a company culture with a lasting impact. You might be working in a startup that wants to scale up, with more employees, and wants to be known as having a people-centered culture. Startups that are thinking about how to build a strong mission and vision would benefit from participating in this track.

Learning objectives:

  • How to create a good company culture.
  • How to develop a solid recruiting strategy to attract the best people and retain them.
  • How to develop strong "employer branding" strategies.

Track III: Future trends - tech & politics

Participants in the 'Future Trends – tech & politics track' are passionate about the future of society. They notice how technology is creating major changes, and are interested and concerned about potential effects. These participants are socially conscious and want to help anticipate future challenges and act now to come up with innovative solutions that incorporate tech in a positive way. Participants will undertake thought experiments on how to predict future (mega)trends and brainstorm ideas on how to effectively mitigate them.

Learning objectives:

  • How to undertake ‘scenario scanning’ through information networks.
  • Learning how technological changes are affecting political systems.
  • Developing practical tech solutions on how to address future challenges.

Participants will need to bring a personal laptop the rest will be provided by the hosts.

All applicants will know if they have been accepted by the 4th of March.

For questions about the program please contact:

Søren Kristian Simonsen at dk¤djoef¤sks.


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