Diversity in Tech

Join us at this event to gain insight into diverse skill sets in the tech industry as well as expertise within diversity.


About the event

The tech industry is a diverse industry - and it needs various skill sets including yours. The workspace within digitalization and tech encompasses so much more than the traditional sets of skills acquired. It embraces a plethora of career opportunities within areas such as finance, sales, HR, marketing, and communication - anything you can imagine.

Join this event where we will engage all university students irrespective of their educational background in the conversation about embracing diversity in the tech industry. It will be highlighted how the skills of the students have acquired throughout their education can help them in interdisciplinary work for innovative creations in tech.

We have invited four compelling panelists to share how they use their diverse skill sets in the tech industry as well as share their expertise within diversity.

The event is free of charge but remember to sign up and invite your friends.

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