Climate Breakfast Seminar

Are you interested in adaptation in the context of climate change? Then join us at this online Climate Breakfast Seminar with Daniel Puig.


About the event

The Centre for International Law and Governance (CILG), the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research (COPE) of the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, the student association Casus Clima and Djøf are happy to announce the Sixth Climate Breakfast Seminar by Daniel Puig, senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark.

The seminar will focus on barriers and limits to climate change adaptation. Institutions resist change, even when business-as-usual fails to continue to serve the purpose of the institution. In a climate change context, resistance to change by governmental institutions can be a driver of climate change-induced loss, by pushing barriers to adaptation into limits to adaptation.

Historical sociology identifies four levers through which institutional inertia can be challenged. At present, research on how these levers can be acted upon to prevent climate change-induced loss is barely getting off the ground. Nevertheless, it appears likely that litigation can help set those levers in motion.

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