Become a Global Volunteer

BEA and AIESEC has created this event in order to spice up your CV. AIESEC offers a programme called Global Volunteer, which is a 6-week long volunteering experience in a NGO or school, where young people from the ages 18-30 have the opportunity to learn, explore and contribute to the UN's SDG's.


About the event

The student organization of Business Economics and Adminstration, BEA and the non-profit studentorganization AIESEC has created this event to broaden the ways on boosting, not only your CV, but your life experience with AIESEC's Global Volunteer programme. As AIESEC is an official partner of the United Nations, the Global Volunteer programme and its projects in either a NGO or school, will help you learn, explore and contribute to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The 6-week volunteering experience can be based on either a country ie. Thailand, Vietnam, Greece etc. or projetbased within English teaching, marketing, health, economic growth, work with disabled and much more. Furthermore, there will be 1-2 Global Volunteers sharing their experiences with AIESEC and overall their journey before, during and after.

Join if you want to hear more about on how to become a Global Volunteer, and how it can increase your self-awareness, solution-orientation, improce communication skills and develop a global mindset. Or should we say, increase your job opportunities?


12.15 p.m. Greetings by BEA and Djøf
12.20 p.m. AIESEC
12.40 p.m. Volunteer Abroad
02.00 p.m. Thanks for today


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