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Do you want to be part of a startup? Creating a successful business requires multiple competencies. At this event, you can meet startups who are looking for a co-founder – and that could be you.

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What is the event about?

Finding great co-founders and early team members can make or break a startup. Maybe you dream of being part of a startup and believe that you have some of the valuable resources and drive startups are looking for?

At this event, you get an excellent opportunity to find the startups that fit with your profile and competencies. You will also get the chance to broaden your network of other startups and people interested in entrepreneurship. 

Are you one of their new co-founders?

The startups are looking for skills in sales, business development, marketing, PR and communications. They are also looking for co-founders with technical capabilities, such as coding, programming, software development, front-end and full-stack development.

We have selected 12 startups that are all looking for co-founders. They will each give a short presentation of their startup and what they are looking for in a co-founder. After that, you will have the opportunity to present yourself to the startups you find most exciting and relevant to your skills and competencies.


The event is facilitated and hosted by Djøf, Akademikernes A-kasse and IDA. If you are a member of Akademikernes A-kasse, you can sign up at their website. If you are a member of IDA, you can sign up at their website

About Djøf Business Community 

Djøf Business Community is a hub for startups, entrepreneurs and people who dream of having their own startup. The core of our concept is mutual discussion and feedback. The goal of our events is to send everyone home with brand new and executable knowledge and a broader network. You are very welcome to invite a friend and bring them with you to the event. Participation is free – also for non-members. They just have to sign up.

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