Balanced leadership: Gender bias in the workplace

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In collaboration with PWN Copenhagen, Djøf is pleased to present an event focusing on professionel gender bias.

This evening's event is divided in three parts: 

17:00-17:30 Networking Session. We would like to start the event with a networking session, where you can get to know other members in an informal setting, build relations, and get inspired on your next professional opportunity. 

17:30-18:30 Balance Leadership Kick-off, presentation and Q&A. We are glad to have as presenter our VP of Balance Leadership Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, who is also Founder of Develop Diverse, a start-up helping organizations to Discover Talent Beyond Bias. She will drive us through two small activities to make us aware of our own biases, and it will be followed by research-based evidences of gender-biases and self-biases in the workplace.

18:45-20:30 Talk and Q&A. We are honoured to welcome Kirsten Drejer, who is co-Founder, and former CEO of Symphogen, a successful Danish biotech focused on discovering new cancer treatments.  She will inspire us on how to become a leader in a men´s world and how she kept true to herself and developed her own leadership style. She will describe her experiences during her career development, all the way from university to becoming the Co-founder and CEO of Symphogen, and up to holding Board member and Advisory Board positions.


About our speakers: 

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Technology Development, and has pursued her career as scientific researcher in four different countries. She held positions at both universities and industry. Her research focus has been over 10 years on drug discovery for biomedical applications, and recently her drive for gender balance and diversity has expanded her research interest to cognitive gender and stylistics. This also led her to start her own company, which vision is to bring (gender) diversity to the workplace. Jenifer is our VP of Balance Leadership in PWN Copenhagen.

Kirsten Drejer has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Before joining Symphogen as Co-founder and CEO, Kirsten Drejer held several scientific and managerial positions in Novo Nordisk including three years as project manager, one year as the Head of Diabetes Pharmacology, four years as Director of Diabetes Discovery, and three years as Corporate. She is now a Board member of Symphogen and The Fund for Industrial Growth. She is on the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and a member of the Executive Leadership Group VL-42 University of Copenhagen, and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.

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