Balanced leadership: Developing leadership skills and overcoming self-bias

Join Djøf and PWN for an exciting talk by four experienced women on how to develop leadership skills and overcoming self-bias.

What is the event about?

Join PWN and Djøf, when we invite four amazing women, who will be sharing their experiences on how they developed their leadership skills within their career and life.

Ute Stemman will be talking about her experiences climbing the career ladder.

Mona Haioty will be talking about how to be an entrepreneur while having a family.

Franziska Luxhøj will be describing her big career change from management into life coach.

Alina Grauenkjær will be talking about how she found her career path after moving to Denmark. She will also talk about her experiences in her professional career as a young woman, and how women can overcome their self-biases and self-doubts that arise in a man-stereotypic field.

About the speakers:

Ute Stemman is PWN’s Treasurer and Co-VP of Partnerships. Ute holds a PhD degree in Economics and since moving to Denmark, she has traded academia for commerce and has worked in different roles within the transport sector, currently as a project director for a large UK-based engineering consultancy.

Mona Hassen has a Master of Arts where her main focus was on international relations, political, gender and socioeconomic development in the Arab Gulf region. After holding several positions as project manager, she founded NaímCAre, a digital wellness startup, focused on empowering selfcare among diverse communities to reverse diabetes.

Franziska Luxhøj is PWN’s VP in Mentoring and Career Development. Franziska holds a double master degree in International Business and Management, and currently she has her own company Lighthill Coaching to support her clients in developing authentic career paths and conscious life design.

Alina Grauenkjær is PWN’s VP of Membership and Communication/Marketing. Alina holds a master degree in International Marketing, in addition to a pedagogical educational background. She is currently working as international sales consultant at Architetmade.

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