Authentic and Impactful Communication

Communicate with impact by identifying your personal strengths. Make people care about your messages.

Who is the course for?

You work and present in English and want to improve your influencing skills through communication.

You want to train your presentation skills in English and become more at ease with yourself.

Tilsvarende kursus findes på dansk Effektiv kommunikation og personlig stil.

In the course you will:

  • Work on your personal style, so you can communicate with ease and impact while being yourself
  • Get a structured model that you can use every time you want to communicate with great results 
  • Get to practice proven public speaking techniques according to your level and needs (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Practice techniques to engage your audience and translate a complex topic to get your messages across, so your audience will understand.

Kurset har ikke flere afholdelser på nuværende tidspunkt

Course Content

If your technical expertise and knowledge make it difficult for you to communicate with people from a different background, this course is for you. You will find inspiration and get the tools to make your communication short, crisp and memorable. 

The course will supercharge your communication skills using techniques from world-class leaders and challenge you to grow into a communicator your clients and stakeholders can more easily understand and trust. It provides you with the opportunity to explore your personal communication style and learn how to use it authentically in the constantly changing corporate world and busy personal lives.

Why learn authentic and impactful communication?

As Richard Branson puts it: “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”. Learning and practicing authentic and audience-driven communication is key to success. It however requires exploring what drives you, what matters to your audience and learning how to make the two meet. That’s the recipe for impactful communication. What you will learn in this course can be applied in any business or private setting.

Training form

The course will offer a mix of theory, practice, discussions and best/worst examples from the corporate, business and political worlds.

  • Theory: You will be introduced to a recognised and tested model to apply to all your communication. It will act as a guiding light throughout the two days.
  • Dialogue: Early in the course, you will be invited to reflect on what you have been presented: video, messages, stories and apply the ’Connection’ model. 
  • Practice: You will get to practice what you have learned and get feedback from the instructor and other participants.

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