Advanced LinkedIn - Jump-start Your Career

The evidence is clear; those who are well versed on LinkedIn are reaching their career goals more quickly. Find out how, when New York based Career Coach, Robert Hellman, shares his top tips to getting set up for success on LinkedIn. A webinar hosted by Djøf New York with a focus on job search in the US.


What is this webinar about?

Even regular LinkedIn users are often not aware of advanced, easily accessible, free features and strategies that can boost their job search and career.
In this webinar we’ll use live demonstrations to get your profile and network set up, so that you can fully take advantage of LinkedIn’s features and get set up for success. 
  • Improve your odds of being found by the ‘right’ employers via the strategic placement of keywords; take maximum advantage of LinkedIn’s profile search algorithm
  • Discover under-utilized features of LinkedIn that will help you to make a great impression
  • Learn the right way to build and leverage your LinkedIn network to improve your odds of getting interviews
  • Adapt your resume to your LinkedIn profile by understanding when to keep them the same, when to make them different. 

Pratical information

  • The time indicated is New York time/EST.
  • This webinar is in English.
  • You will receive Zoom info and a secure Zoom link on the day of the webinar.
  • Please have your headset ready and your camera on. We are opening the webinar at 6.20 pm for all to login in advance and make sure the technology is working for you, but the webinar will not start before 6.30 pm and end at 8.00 pm.

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