A strategic approach to networking

Learn how to map connections, identify gaps and find new relational potential among contacts.

Workshop content

This workshop will inspire you to think and act in a more relational and strategic manner by using a simple and effective model to analyze your behavioral patterns and network connections. 

You will develop new ways to explore, adjust, use and help people in your network. The approach and analysis will help you challenge problems, seek new opportunities, and adjust in periods of transition.


The workshop is for English speaking professionals with more than 3 years of work experience, currently working in a company active in Denmark or abroad.

Key takeaways from the workshop

  • A map of important and critical network connections and profiles
  • An action plan to adjust and expand your network
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of social networks in practice
  • Awareness of both weak and strong connections
  • Understanding of the dynamics in your professional network structure
  • Knowledge of how to avoid the most common networking pitfalls
  • New contacts with an interest in professional networking in Denmark

During the workshop tea, coffee and fruit will be served as well as a salad during the break.

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