A green and sustainable career

Join this presentation and enhance your chances of entering the green job market.


About the event

Green investments, green purchases, circular economics and sustainable strategy is an important part pf almost every job these days. 

Djøf is inviting you to a presentation on the giant ‘green transition’ job market. 

There are exciting and meaningful tasks with room for professional development and many CBS graduates will have the right competences for the jobs. 

Pia Ravn, Senior consultant at Djøf, will speak very specifically on how you can find these green jobs during this green workshop. It will also be covered how you an remain professionally up to date and which workplaces are hiring. 

We build the ‘green bridge’ between student life and your first career job. By reviewing examples of what specifically a green job entails working with, you will get inspiration and the knowledge you need to start looking for a job. 

We will be reviewing a host of job functions and tasks that you can solve as a recent graduate at the workshop. 

We will also show you briefly how to put together a good CV and a good job application. 

Working with sustainability, circular economics and sustainable management is a premise across all workplaces, and therefore this green workshop has been designed to introduce you to a large, new green labour market.

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