Speaking with impact - improve your public speaking skills

When talking in front of a live audience, coming across confident and committed is alfa omega. Join Djøf and PWN Copenhagen for a workshop focusing on public speaking, where you will be introduced to tools and tips on improving you public speaking.

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Even though you have worked hard on content, how many people really listen and remember your presentations and speeches?

Learn to burn through with words, body and energy and raise your presentations to new heights, through engaging and trustworthy communication! This public speaking workshop will be focused on your body language and your voice to come across with conviction and commitment. Also, will train to create, keep and use a strong relationship with your audience and engage them. What will you say? What is your message? What change do you want to create? Why apply a personal storytelling?

If you think that teaching of presentation techniques and how to learn public speaking is boring, then you are in for a change. Through the use of role play and fantasy you are in for a different workshop on the art of public speaking. Asbjørn Jensen from does not believe in one way communication but in “2 way doing “. First Asbjørn will introduce 5 fundamental speaking tools, and then the audience will use them in a group assignment. Asbjørn has won many public speaking contests in California. He is teaching researcher groups at University of Copenhagen Synapse and IGEM how to pitch their science. He is teaching the science students and Ph.Ds how to do a presentation before they go into a competition.

Through companies and he has held many workshops on presentation skills and body language, and is a regular mentor and judge in Toastmasters Internationals speaking competitions.

Event agenda:

17:00 - 18:00 Arrival and networking

18:00 - 21:00 Workshop

N.B. Please note that this workshop will be video recorded - mainly the speaker, but sometimes faces from the audience (not when participants will be doing practical exercises, but more the general view of the audience). Material will be uploaded on


Asbjørn Jensen, Talerne


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19. marts 2018

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  • Medlemmer
  • Onsdag den 21. marts 2018
    Klokken 17.00-21.00
  • Djøf
    Gothersgade 133, 1123 København K

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